Aging Gracefully Challenge - Day 14 - A Healthy Brain – The Foods We Eat!

To age well, we need a healthy brain. And there are two components of a healthy brain. We need to think good thoughts (spiritual component), but we also need to eat good food (physical component). The food we eat can have a tremendous impact on brain functions. Foods that support cognitive function can help improve: Attention, Perception, Memory, Learning, Reasoning, Planning, Problem-solving, Decision making, and Multitasking.

Today we will look at four nutrients that impact the brain and the foods that contain them.  

Vitamin B1 – Is a co-enzyme used in energy production. Research shows that thiamine deficiency is associated with neurological problems, including cognitive deficits.

Found in:




Sunflower seeds

Brown Rice


Macadamia Nuts

Acorn squash

Nutritional Yeast


Vitamin D3 - Vitamin D receptors are widespread in brain tissue, and vitamin D's biologically active form has been shown to clear the brain of amyloid plaques, a hallmark of Alzheimer's disease. Recent studies have confirmed an association between cognitive impairment, dementia, and vitamin D deficiency. 

Found in:



Egg yolk



Spend 10 minute in the sun between 10 and 2 pm

Vigorous exercise


Zinc – Studies have shown that zinc has a key role in regulating how neurons communicate. A lack of zinc can lead to foggy thinking and memory problems.

Found in:




Pumpkin Seeds

Garbanzo Beans




Choline - Choline used to be considered a B vitamin. Choline is a vital building block for acetylcholine, which is a primary building block for your brain. It has an influence on:  New memories, Reasoning, Concentration, Cognition, Sleep, Growing synapses, Coordinating movement (both speed and accuracy)

 Signs of low levels of choline include:

Brain fog


Brain fatigue

Decreased learning

Memory loss

Poor recall

Feeling distracted



Found in:

Beef liver




Leafy greens


Day 14 Challenge – A Healthy Brain 1) Today’s Challenge is to eat various foods so that you get all four nutrients.

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