Aging Gracefully Challenge - Day 23 - Staying Attractive – Hair and Makeup

On Day 1 we saw that “man looks on the outward appearance” so if you have a man in your life or if you don’t currently, but you would like a man in your life, it would be helpful for us to keep the outward appearance as attractive as possible. For women, as we age, doing a good job with hair and makeup can help.

 Hair – What does God say?:

In 1 Corinthians 11:15 the Apostle Paul says, “But if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her.” You can take this literally to mean that we should have long hair, and my grandmother did take it literally and never cut her hair. As she aged, she wore it up in a bun and looked very nice for my grandfather.

If you look at the principle’s discussed in the context of the chapter, it’s defining men’s and women’s roles and authority (Christ is the head of man, man is the head of woman – we discussed this a bit when we discussed submission on Day 21). The general principle is that men should not try and be women and women should not try to be men or usurp men’s authority. So, if you apply the principle, it would be less about the length of a woman’s hair and more about maintaining a feminine style and not looking like a man. By the time my grandmother put her hair in a bun, it was up off her shoulders and looked similar to a short haircut. So while it technically wasn't short, it looked short. And very feminine.  

I’m leaving it to you whether you take it literally or apply the principle, but whether long or short, our hair can enhance our appearance. Things we can do for our hair:

Watch our Nutrients. Hair needs Zinc, Biotin, Vitamin B6, Copper, Silica, Selenium and Collagen.

For women there are also options like clip in extensions or wigs if hair is thinning.

Makeup – What does God say?

God says it doesn’t compensate for an unattractive soul.  In 2 King 9:30, Jezebel did her eye makeup right before she killed. Maybe that wasn’t the wisest thing to do. And in Jeremiah 4:30, “Why do you dress in scarlet? Why do you put on jewelry and paint your eyes? You are making yourself beautiful
for nothing! Your lovers have rejected you and want to kill you.
” Oops. Eye makeup didn't "make up" for an ugly soul.

Ok. So definitely prioritize internal beauty. But overall makeup can enhance our appearance. One thing I’ve really enjoyed as I’m aging is using contouring powders.  It depends on your face shape as to how you apply the contour. Here is a link to a blog that gives instructions.

 Day 23 Challenge – Try a different hair style or a new makeup item.  

I’m super excited about tomorrow. We will spend the next few days looking at wisdom. Wisdom is where people who have aged have an advantage over  those who haven’t.  

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