Aging Gracefully Challenge - Day 3 - Let’s Flourish Part 2!!

 Yesterday we looked at the Apostle John who flourished as he aged and we looked at flourishing spiritually. Today, I want to tell you a story about another person who flourished as they aged – my mom and what God can do in the physical realm.

My mom has always been a very productive person. She taught at the college I went to. She loved to learn and she loved to teach.

When she was in her late sixties, my dad passed away and her world changed. She moved to be close to my sister and help out with her grandson. (Helping with grandkids is a great way to flourish!) She thought she had retired, but little did she know, God had other plans. In fact, she was really just getting started on the most product phase of her life.

After a few months, God began bringing her piano students. At first, she thought, “No, I’m a voice teacher, not a piano teacher.” But then she thought “Well, I can teach younger children piano” so she agreed to take the students.

But God had more for her. She had always wanted to have a PhD and had finished most of her course work to complete the degree. When she was age74, God provided a way for her take a few more classes and to finish her dissertation. She received her PhD in Piano when she was age 75 with a 4.0 grade point. A life-long dream fulfilled by God. But God had even more for her. One of her courses was Music Composition. She found she enjoyed composing music for piano and voice and I will say she is extremely talented.

So today, at age 88, she has a completely full music studio that includes all levels (beginners to advanced) of pianists and singers, she is busy composing wonderful music (she is writing an opera) and is aging very gracefully.  And on top of all of that, she is very attractive and stylish. I’m really proud of my mom. She has shown me it’s possible and I want that for me and for you!

She has taught me that:

  • You can flourish after the trauma of losing a spouse
  • You can have long term impact on your children and grandchildren
  • You can fulfill lifelong dreams
  • You can discover new gifts and talents that enrich your life and the lives of others
  • God’s plan may be unexpected, and you might initially resist or think you are unqualified, but it will be more fulfilling than you can imagine

 Day 3 Task – FLOURISH IN THE PHYSICAL REALM - What does it mean for YOU to flourish in the physical realm? (help your children and grandchildren, teach a class, start a business, create a website or blog, write a book, learn a new skill). Maybe you’ve started something God has called you to but have been discouraged. Ask God for the next step and start flourishing.

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