About Us

Hi! Welcome to Praus Gifts! I'm Voni Ribera.

I have experienced the most amazing changes in my life because of God's Word. This made me want to put it on every day items that I could see constantly. So Praus Gifts was born.

My grandfather, Joseph Malone, and my father, Avon Malone were both ministers and artists, so a love for God and a love of art were always part of my life. I majored in Art in college, but after school, I found a better paying job working with computers (go figure). So I've worked with computers throughout my career, but recently retired and have gone back to creating art (using computers). I feel very blessed by God to be able to put out His Word to help people. And to put beauty into the world through art. 

I have a wonderful, wise and handsome husband, Jeff. He is my greatest gift, next to Jesus. We live in Northern California. 

And I also have an adorable, slightly mischievous dog, Baker. He likes to steal things so he has to drop them and then get a treat for obeying the drop command. He has good hair and gives lots of love! Here he is with Jeff's socks in his mouth. 


Thank you for stopping by! I hope you find products that draw you closer to God and His truth.

Much love in Jesus,