Day 5 Loving Others by Faith

For the next two days, we will continue looking at loving others with a selfless love that is passionately committed to their well-being.

A person who had a lot of wisdom on this is Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusades (now called CRU). He wrote a wonderful book called “How You Can Love by Faith”. *

He makes the following five points and we have looked at the first four of these over the past few days.

  • God loves us unconditionally.
  • We are commanded to love others.
  • We are incapable of loving others in our own strength.
  • We can love others with God’s love. Yesterday we began developing the fruit of the Holy Spirit by applying God’s Word.
  • Today we will look at his fifth point which is how to love by faith.

In his book, he states “Hebrews 11:6 says, “Without faith it is impossible to please God.” Obviously there will be no demonstration of God’s love where there is no faith.

He goes on to say “If you have difficulty in loving others, remember that Jesus has commanded, “Love each other just as much as I love you” ( John 13:34, TLB). It is God’s will for you to love. He would not command you to do something that He will not enable you to do.

 In 1 John 5:14,15, God promises that if you ask anything according to His will, He hears and answers you. Relating this promise to God’s command, you can claim by faith the privilege of loving with His love.

God has an unending supply of His divine, supernatural, agape love for you. It is for you to claim, to grow on, to spread to others, and thus to reach hundreds and thousands with the love that counts, the love that will bring them to Jesus Christ. In order to experience and share this love, you must claim it by faith; that is, trust His promise that He will give you all that you need to do His will on the basis of His command and promise.”

Day 5 Challenge: Today, we are going to love by faith. Believe and confess, “God’s love has been poured out in my heart for (name of person).” He has commanded it, He has promised it, He will do it.

I found when doing this if I was irritated, impatient or remembering a suffered wrong, I needed to confess that sin and ask for forgiveness first. Then when I confessed  “God’s love has been poured out in my heart” I found it was there.

*Bright, Bill. How You Can Love by Faith (Transferable Concepts Book 8). CruPress. Kindle Edition.

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